Home And Spaces Company L.L.C. specializes in creating minimal cement pieces for our indoor lives.


Currently based in Virginia, this small business began as a hobby for Tajean Dixon during the winter months of 2020, and was officially established as a business in February 2021. The business' first designs featured succulent planters and cup coasters. In March 2021, the company rebranded from "Cemented Life" to "Home And Spaces Company", whilst anticipating a more stable catalog update at the end of April.

Each piece is currently handmade and hand-poured by Tajean. Her color palette is inspired by God's creations, Earth and beyond. 

It's the simple things that make home feel like, well, home. Whether it is a new place for your plants or a temporary one for your keys and jewelry, Home & Spaces Co. aims to bring a sense of calmness and organization to any area.

Tajean harbors a passion for interior design and uses it as a creative outlet. Having enjoyed traveling, her goal is to incorporate the beauty of natural elements and places into her work. Intrigued by minimalism and structured art, she is most enthusiastic about creating unique and soothing pieces.



454 - Smooth Grey

The first color ever applied to designs at Home & Spaces Co., 454 is inspired by the base temperature of outer-space in Fahrenheit. Its smoothness imitates space's vastness; a blank canvas for a creative mind.

024 - Sand

Named after the beginning of the first set of coordinates for the Sahara Desert, 024 is created in an extremely soft golden-brown with layered tones and small areas of desert oranges.

011 - Stark Grey

The time of night where there is only an hour until the next day. This color reflects the moment when the sky is filled with blanketing clouds in front of the moon or it is lit with the stars creating a mysterious, yet peaceful background.

277 - Canyon

The conspicuous color of the palette, 277 harnesses the warmth of the Grand Canyon. The name is inspired by the distance of the astounding location in miles.

700 - Void

700's name is derived from the number of light years it takes to reach the Boötes void, an empty, dark, and quiet space.