Home And Spaces Company is a small-batch business, small business based out of Virginia, specializing in creating slow-made, minimal home goods and some apparel.




The Owner

This business is solely run by the founder and owner Tajean Dixon. "Us, our, we..." = her. All items are currently handmade by Tajean, with a color palette inspired by God's creations, such as the Boötes Void (black), Sahara Desert (sand), and the base temperature of space (white). All three colors "emulate calmness or serenity when we bring them inside our home," she says. "You often see them in nurseries because they are known to be relaxing when you look at them and process them". With this small business, Tajean wants to combine these same colors in different tones and hues to help create a home that is far from as busy as we are.

A Curated Catalog

Tajean harbors a passion for interior design and photography. Combined with her joy of nature, her goal is to incorporate the beauty of natural elements and places into her work. Intrigued by minimalism and structured art, she is most enthusiastic about creating unique and soothing pieces that are both beautiful and functional.


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